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i800 Click to Call Overview
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i800 Click to Call

If iConnectel could provide you with a real-time list of customers and prospects who are about to abandon your web site or shopping cart, would that be of value to you?

Shopping online means that we don’t have to make the journey into busy high-street shopping centres, only to find that the retail outlet does have the product we want, but in the wrong colour or size! Whilst, buying services online means we now have a much wider choice and the opportunity to save a great deal of money, by comparing a wide range of different services, simply and efficiently, at the click of a button.

But what happens when there is a glitch with the web site we are using, such a payment problem within the shopping cart process, or submission issue when we have finally completed an complicated online application form? What happens when fears or concerns are raised about paying online with a personal credit or debit card? What happens when the product or service is not available? What happens when company contact information has been purposely hidden away and therefore can’t be found?

The answer is we become disgruntled and simply abandon the web site and seek attention from a competitor who is just a click away; an unfortunate event that is now more serious to the longevity and profitability of a business than ever before. The reason being, it used to be that for every unhappy customer, one could count on eleven more customers (or prospective customers) hearing about these unfortunate experiences, i.e. just select family, friends and colleagues. But today, with just a few clicks on a keyboard and an Internet connection, a persons opinions can rapidly spread to millions of people worldwide, causing a great deal of damage to brand and company reputation, literally overnight.

iConnectel i800 Click to Call is therefore the tool you need to win in this competitive battleground, and build lasting relationships with your customers. i800 offers a convenient real-time communication channel that will give your business that much needed opportunity to boost conversion rates and grow revenue, by alleviating many of the online frustrations and corporate disconnects that currently exists within your business.

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You already know that e-Commerce is about maximising opportunity for success, by converting more browsers to buyers, as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

However, when these business processes go wrong, i800 ensures that sales conversions continue, experience and loyalty remains paramount, meaning that servicing your customers needs remains the most important part of your customer acquisition strategy.


For your customers, i800 opens up a real-time voice communication channel to company representatives at the most appropriate time, when they are about to give up and seek attention elsewhere.

Importantly, this is achieved without the need for any additional hardware or software, therefore providing a real life-line instead of adding further annoyances and frustrations. Put simply, i800 adds a layer of comfort and security to ensure every sale is facilitated.


By subscribing to i800, your agents can directly interact with web site visitors via the telephone, without the need for any specialised training.

Furthermore, with the presentation of contextual data pre-call, the interaction can be more personalised, fruitfully encouraging up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, whilst call handling time is kept to an absolute minimum. i800 is key to every successful multi- channel Contact Centre strategy.

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Click to Call Benefits include:
Click to Call Benefits
Reduced Web site abandonment by connecting customers to company representatives at the most critical time, before they seek attention elsewhere...
Click to Call Benefits
Increased online sales conversion rates, by allowing you to selectively offer i800 Click to Call to your high value customers or those experiencing problems...
Click to Call Benefits
Increased cross-sell and up-sell revenue potential, by enabling contextual data to be presented to contact centre agents pre-call...
  Download our datasheet to read more about the benefits of using i800 Click to Call:

i800 Click to Call Datasheet

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